NESS 2020 Posters



Poster Title




Arianna, Gianluca Interactions of PIP and RIR motifs in TLS Polymerases with PCNA and Rev1-CT. UConn Health
Belfon, Kellon The Development of Parameters for Modified Amino Acids to Study Protein Dynamics. Stonybrook University
Bettin, Tom Diverse Environment Related (Der) protein is a novel OMP85 subfamily present in free-living bacteria and pathogenic Leptospira spp. UConn Health, Universidade Federal de Pelotas
Bregnard, Thomas Conformational exchange at a C2H2 zinc-binding site facilitates redox sensing by the PML protein. UConn Health Tom Bregnard
Davenport, Timothy The Rationale and Building Blocks of “NucleVar”: an Automated, “Genomics-to-Structural Vaccinology” Approach to Expedite Vaccine Design against Syphilis. UConn Health
Dudley, Joshua Characterizing Structural Heterogeneity in Computationally Designed Miniproteins. Wesleyan
Feinstein, Aaron Investigation into the Effect of Dimerization on PKR Activation with Enhanced Sampling Molecular Dynamics Method. UConn Storrs
Grassmann, Andre PlzA is a unique dual function c-di-GMP effector protein required for survival of the Lyme disease spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi, within its arthropod vector and mammalian host. UConn Health
Hawley, Kelly The global Treponema pallidum OMPeome: a structural platform for deciphering stealth pathogenicity and developing a syphilis vaccine with worldwide efficacy. UConn Health, CCMC
He, Chengming Structural studies f Hetero-Amyloid Signaling Complexes Using SSNMR. Columbia University
Hills, Ronald Elucidating the Transport Mechanism of Endotoxin and Xenobiotics. University of New England
Hollingsworth, Louis DPP9 directly sequesters the NLRP1 C-terminus to repress inflammasome activation. Harvard
Huang, Qiu Yu Structural analysis of influenza A virus morphology using convolutional neural networks. UMass Medical School
Jaiswal, Nancy Deciphering structure-activity relationship of USP7 enzyme. UConn Health
Kwon, Jack GCN Sensitive Protein Translation in Yeast. Wesleyan
Liu, Yuting The first heterologous expression of the human zinc transporter hZIP4. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
MacDonald, Meagan Kinetics and NMR Studies on Xylanase A mutant to elucidate Thumb Flexibility in Enzymatic Mechanism. Wesleyan
McPherson, Kerry Assembly of S. cerevisiae Polymerase ζ. UConn Health
Montezuma-Rusca, Jairo M Pyrococcus furiosus thioredoxin as a platform to express extracellular loops of Treponema pallidum outer membrane proteins to assess antigenicity and isolate antigen-specific B-cells: a new structural approach for syphilis vaccine development. UConn Health
Nordquist, Erik Physical Origins of Selective Promiscuity to Hsp70s Revealed Through Physics-Based Modeling. UMass-Amherst
Prignano, Lindsey

Calcium Selectivity in Channelrhodopdin Chimera is Governed by Electrostatic Interactions in Central Pore.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Raguette, Lauren

Amber Force Field Parameters for Simulations of Phosphorylated Amino Acids.

Stonybrook University
Robinson, Victoria A Conserved Arginine in Switch I is Critical for ppGpp Binding to the Prokaryotic Translational GTPase BipA. UConn Storrs
Sullivan, Shannon Reveal the Allosteric Pathway Regulating Alternate Ribosome Binding by the Translation Factor BipA.


UConn Storrs
Wells, Nick ALS-causing SOD1 mutations cause common perturbations to maturational free energy. Wesleyan
Whitehead, Richard NMR Mapping of Disordered Segments from a Viral Scaffolding Protein Enclosed in a 23 MDa Procapsid. UConn Storrs